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Avadhoot the leading Indian manufacture of Electrical motors, Curd Breaker (Stirers), Domestic monoblock pumps and Submono Pumpset, since its foundation in 1989. Avadhoot has developed a marketed a wide range of product for various applications.

The A group of Avadhoot was started in 1989. First they were manufacture single phase & three phase Motors then in 1990 they added curd breaker (stirrer). Since 1992 Avadhoot started to manufacturing Domestic monoblock pump after 3 years later at since 1995 Avadhoot started to manufacturing Submono pump which was the Special Products of Avadhoot. Oil field Submono pump and other special products are also manufacturing. 

Today Avadhoot pumps provide the dependable source of pumping energy, once used they never fail to get admiration for their superb performance and quality from our users. 

Avadhoot products have the latest manufacturing and research facilities and are well known for an ISO 9001:2000 Certificate of world class quality management system it obtained in 2005. 

The Trademark Avadhoot is registered in Trade Marks Registry, Mumbai (India) at 13-10-1999. 

Application of the latest engineering techniques and production technology has given the products a solid reputation for quality, efficiency and reliability.

Avadhoot has over the years been well known as an innovative and forward looking company. We are very conscious of the fact that we are living in a world on constant changes and are prepared for the future.

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