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  • Unique motor design (Permanent Split Capacitor type)
  • In DMB Type Monoblock Pumpset are developed Capacitor Start induction Run Motor with Centrifugal Switch giving High Starting torque.
  • Specially designed precision stamping of Low loss dynamograde Silicon Steel used with polyster based Enamel copper Windig wire and High quality Fibreglass insulating materials.
  • High Quality of Starting and running Capacitors.
  • Dynamically balanced and pressure Die-casting Rotors.
  • Higher grade of Insulation for longer life.
  • Good Quality of Ball bearings.
  • Internally fitted with mounted mechanical Seal – Low Power consumption and leakage minimized.
  • To avoic corrosion & Rust Stainless Steel Shaft used.
  • Light in weight – Portable.
  • Designed for voltage fluctuation.
  • Specialy Gunmental Impeller used for high pressure and deep suction.
  • Our Motors are designed for a Rated of 180 to 230 V Single Phase frequency 50 Hz.
  • On Special Requir for three Phase rating voltage 415 V Motors Can be developed.
  • All Pump are Winding By Theamal Overlode Protection.

Total Head = Static Suction + Static Delivery + Losses in Pipe,bend, NRV etc.

NOTE: Due to continuous Development, Subject to alterations Without notice.

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